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Quality System

As a quality-oriented enterprise, Siken is devoted to providing high-class products, and has acquired ISO9001, ISO13485 and other system certifications. Our whole production process is under strict quality control to guarantee standard process and superior quality. For example, during raw material purchase, we require the suppliers to offer relevant certification. To test raw materials and end products, we are equipped with advanced production and test equipment.

Our PDCA quality control system is as follows.

Flow chart of mutual relations between quality system procedures

1. Quality control system being improved continuously
2. Documentation requirements
3. Customer-oriented
4. Management responsibility
5. Quality policy
6. Quality goal
7. Responsibility and authority
8. Management representative
9. Internal communication
10. Management review
11. Resource management
12. Human resource
13. Infrastructure
14. Working environment
15. Measurement, analysis and improvement
16. Monitoring and measurement
17. Detective product control
18. Data analysis
19. Constant improvement
20. Corrective action
21. Preventive action
22. Product realization
23 Customer-related process
24. Purchase or customer property
25. Process control
26. Process validation
27. Product preservation
28. Sign tracing
29. Measuring and monitoring equipment
30. Human resources
31. Input
32. Output product
33. Customer satisfaction