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1. Can the e-cigarette battery be applied as an ordinary battery?
No. The e-cigarette battery belongs to dedicated 3.7V lithium battery, and its working output voltage is constant 3.3V.

2. What is the working principle of an electronic cigarette?
The e-cigarette control the smoke-like vapor volume and working condition by means of its high-tech intelligent chip. Under the control of the battery-driven chip, the heating coil within the atomizer heats up, vaporizes the e-juice and creates smoke-like vapor at the temperature of 50-60°C that is identical to the temperature of cigarette smoke. Therefore, it makes you feel like smoking a real cigarette. In the meantime, the smoke-like vapor does not contain nitrogen dioxide, acrolein, carbon monoxide, lead, hydrogen cyanide, arsenic, mercury and other hazardous substances. Furthermore, it avoids passive smoking and environmental pollution.

3. Will the e-liquid be sucked into the mouth?
No. The specially designed drip tip adopts the backflow prevention structure.

4. What is the superiority of your products?
1) Our heating coil is imported from Switzerland, and the wick is able to draw e-liquid in easily.
2) The contact positions of hardware have undergone gold-plating treatment, so as to ensure stable electric conduction.
3) The cell comes from DESAY or HGB.
4) Our electronic cigarettes and accessories have passed safety certification.

5. How about the warranty period?
1) Battery
Number of charge cycles: 300
2) Atomizer
In accordance with resistance value
3) Charger
1 year

6. Can your products carry the logo?
Yes. Please contact us for more information.

7. How long is the date of delivery?
1) Sample order: 3-5 workdays
2) Bulk production: 7-10 workdays
3) Products with logo: 10-15 workdays

8. What about transportation?
We support delivering goods through DHL, EMS, UPS or TNT. Owing to reasonable price and fast speed, we prefer DHL.