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We are equipped with several production facilities, including the high frequency plastic welding machine, encapsulation machine and automatic packaging machine.

Our test equipment consists of the wear resistance tester, battery capacity grading equipment, dielectric strength tester, salt spray tester, DC low resistance tester, drop testing machine, constant temperature and humidity instrument, insertion and extraction tester, button life tester, LCR meter digital electric bridge tester, internal resistance of battery meter, DC electronic load, four-color light source box and so forth.

Here is our QA finished product control process.

High frequency plastic welding machine Encapsulation machine

Automatic packaging machine LCR meter digital electric bridge tester
Button life tester

Insertion and extraction tester Battery capacity grading equipment Internal resistance of battery meter
Drop testing machine

DC electronic load

Constant temperature and humidity instrument Wear resistance tester

Dielectric strength tester

Four-color light source box Salt spray tester

DC low resistance tester