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After-sale Service

Siken not only supplies high quality products, but also provides excellent after-sale service. For instance, the charge cycle number of our battery is 300, the guarantee period of an atomizer depends on its resistance value, and the adapter has one-year warranty. Under warranty, products with any quality problem due to raw materials or machining error will be repaired, as long as you send us your warranty card, receipt, and defective products.

Service Items
1. Within 15 days after you receiving goods, if malfunction occurs, the related products can be replaced or repaired. You can just send defective products and necessary data to us.
2. Please keep your receipt and detailed guarantee card in case of possible warranty.
3. The product packaging is supposed to be sent back without damage, or you will take the blame for damage caused by improper packing.
4. Our sales agents are responsible for products bought there, and offer repair and maintenance services.
5. The following conditions are not covered by the warranty.
1) Expiring the warranty
2) Damage caused by misuse or overexertion
3) Breakdown due to dismantlement or repair without permission
4) Because of unforeseen event or circumstance
5) Losing warranty card, receipt or other necessary data
6) There is a mismatch between defective products and the product model written on the warranty card or receipt.