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About Us

Welcome to SIKEN 3D Digitizing, your ultimate source for electronic cigarettes and related accessories! Our company is best known for the development, production, and distribution of premium e-cigs. To complement your vaping pleasures, we offer popular selections such as the atomizer, charger, batteries, e-liquid, and carrying case. Also available is the fashionable leather mini-pouch with lanyard. The ability to accommodate ODM and OEM requests has always been one of our greatest strengths. We can develop corresponding products based on client-side samples, concepts, and designs.
In 2009, we began exporting overseas to more than 50 countries around the world including America, Italy, Germany, Britain, France, Spain, Portugal, South Africa, Romania, Canada, Thailand, Korea and Malaysia. Representatives have been assigned to region-specific branches to provide convenient after-sale services for prospective customers everywhere.

The core members of our 12-man development team have gained invaluable R&D experience during their time with international corporations such as HAIER and EMERSON. Their contributions have led to the steady progression of our company. The Chinese government has designated us as a "Hi-Tech Enterprise". More than 20 patents are now associated with our electronic cigarettes.

Our products are approved by standards such as CE and RoHS. Additionally, we have passed the certification of SGS (, the ISO9001 International Quality Management System, and the ISO13485 Medical Devices Industry Quality Management System. Our product quality is fully compliant with international guidelines.

We cooperate extensively with world-class suppliers to ensure product safety and consumer health. Our batteries are provided by DESAY and HGB—two of China's "Top 100 Enterprises" in the electronics industry. Our e-liquid is provided by DEKANG, the biggest e-juice manufacturer in China.

The global market for electronic cigarettes is constantly growing. SIKEN cooperates with regional distributors to effectively launch diverse and innovative products of the highest quality. As the scale of our operation continues to expand, more production space is required. We have invested in the new factory building that spans a total of 11,000 square meters. The addition of 16 extra production lines has boosted our monthly output capacity by one million sets. This upgrade allows us to maximize our potential and ensure that orders are completed in a timely fashion.

Please contacts us for product or service related inquiries. Our representatives are on standby to assist you.

Quality Advantage
1. Battery PCB

Our electronics engineers offer professional designs that feature short-circuit protection. These solutions may be customized to suit client preferences.

2. Heating Coil & Wick
Our heating coil is imported from Sweden. Its outstanding quality allows for larger vapors and a longer service life. Our wick is specially fabricated for added softness, which enables greater fluidity and more satisfying vapors.

3. Cell
This component is authenticated by the SGS certificate, the MSDS/13450 drop test certificate, and the 13450 certificate for the transportation of goods.

4. Wall Adapter & Charger
Functions such as the switching power supply and voltage stabilization effectively prevent overcharge and overload. These components have passed a rigorous safety certification process.

As a quality-oriented enterprise, SIKEN is committed to bringing customers the best in electronic cigarettes. Our company is certified by ISO9001, ISO13485, and all other relevant standards. From raw material procurement to post-production inspection, quality consistency is ensured via strict supervision at each stage of the production cycle. Our suppliers are required to provide documentation for the authenticity of their goods. We have an entire array of precision testing instruments that include the wear-resistance tester, dielectric-strength tester, salt spray tester, DC low resistance tester, drop testing machine, battery capacity grading equipment, constant temperature and humidity instrument, insertion and extraction tester, button life tester, four-color light source box, etc.

OEM or ODM Service
1. OEM
Our products may be labeled with custom information and logos.
2. ODM
A. We can augment products according to client-side samples and specifications.
B. We can design, develop, and manufacture products in accordance with the requirements of the customer.

After-sale Service
Under warranty, products with quality problems caused by materials or manufacturing process will be repaired. You can just send us the invoice, warranty card, and defective e-cigarettes or accessories.