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Electronic Cigarette Chargers

1. 510 or eGo USB charger
2. Wall adapter (EU, UK, KC, US)
3. DC cable

1. Input voltage: 100V-240V
2. Output voltage: 4.2V
3. Charging current:
eGo and Brother series: 420 mAh
510series: 150 mAh

1. The electronic cigarette chargers have passed CE and ROHS certifications.
2. If short circuit occurs, the indicator light will go out and sustained current output will disappear. Only when the current problem is solved will the operation return to normal.
3. During charging, an indicator lamp on the electronic cigarette charger shows red and the light of e-cigarette comes on. After the battery is fully charged, the lamp on the charger turns into green.
4. An stabilivolt IC is added to the wall adapter, so as to stabilize the output voltage and current, and protect the battery.
5. The new-type mini wall adapter sells well. Identical to the iPhone adapter, it looks simple and is easy to carry.
6. Besides the standard USB charger and wall adapter, the DC cable and car charger are available to meet your needs.

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