1. eGo VV BatteriesThe voltage of the eGo VV batteries can be adjusted from low to high through the buttons. Its LCD screen displays the power, electricity quantity and puff numbers. It may be used in conjunction with EGO, CE4, CE4 V3, CE5, VIVI NOVA and other atomizers.
    1. eGo BatteriesWith the help of intelligent control, the blue LED light will be on when the electric quantity is 1-10%, the sky blue one will be on when 10%-50%, and the white one will be on when 50%-100%.
      The eGo batteries have passed MSDS certification and are provided with multiple color options.
    1. eGo LCD BatteriesThe eGo LCD batteries are able to record puff numbers and do not readily get hot. The durable and eco-friendly products enjoy high capacity.
      Battery capacity/length: 650mAh/90mm, 900mAh/100mm, 1100mAh/110mm
      Outer diameter: 14.1mm
      Thread specification: M7×0.5mm (optional)
    1. Volt BatteriesThe Volt batteries are the main part of the Volt ecigarette whose button is surrounded by an elegant ring-type LED light. Designed for newcomers, the e-cigarette is remarkably similar to a real cigarette and easy to carry. You can charge the products from the bottom, even while smoking.
    1. Brother BatteriesSize: 16.5*89mm
      Compared with common batteries, the Brother batteries have the large capacity of 1300mah and enjoy longer working hours.
      The Desay or HGB cell is adopted, because of no-leakage, long service life and low attenuation.
    1. SKC BatteriesThe SKC batteries may be charged from the bottom, even during use.
      The touch button conforms to the ergonomics, and feels comfortable.
      Their standard USB charger can be applied to some mobile phones. To guarantee long useful life, please do not charge the battery for over 5 hours at every turn. The indicator light of SKC batteries shows red during charging, and will go out if it is fully charged.
    1. 510/510-T BatteriesThe 510 or 510-T batteries are efficient and able to prevent leakage of electricity.
      Material: Stainless steel, baking finish
      Rechargeable A+ level lithium battery: Manual or automatic
      Battery capacity: 180mAh, 280mAh

Electronic Cigarette Batteries

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