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eGo-Twist Batteries

1. The eGo-Twist batteries support adjusting voltage. At the bottom of a battery, there are several grid points standing for different voltages. You can rotate the grid points clockwise to turn up output voltage in accordance with your demands. The higher the output voltage is, the more smoke-like vapor the atomizer may generate.
2. The eGo-Twist batteries have undergone the baking finish, and are available in multiple colors.
3. To start or stop a battery, please press its button 5 times. It is provided with voltage protection function.
4. Ten minutes later during use, it will be intelligently locked. When you use it next time, it may be automatically unlocked.
5. OEM or ODM service is available.

1. Working voltage: 3.3-4.8V
2. Battery life: Number of charge cycles: More than 300
3. Battery capacity: 650MAH, 900MAH, 1100MAH
4. Adjustable voltage range: 3.2V~4.8V

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