1. CE4 AtomizerUpgraded from the 510 and eGo atomizers, it comes with longer working life, greater smoke-like vapor volume, and pleasant taste that is similar to a real cigarette.
      The drip tip makes use of good-grade PP materials, which improves security and durability.
      Based on the no-tin welding technology, its atomizer core has no risk of leaking e-juice and saves over half of juice.
    1. CE5 Atomizer The CE5 atomizer is the updated version of the CE4 atomizer, and can be used in conjunction with the eGo series batteries. As a new-type transparent atomizer, it appears fashionable and attractive. There is a scale on its outer shell to show e-juice consumption.
      It hides the wick and avoids the possible problem that the wick might be too high to touch the e-juice.
    1. CE 9 Atomizer Launched in 2013, the CE 9 atomizer contains the new V Core2.0. On the basis of the latest technology, it is equipped with four cotton wicks to easily draw e-liquid in and generate more smoke-like vapor. Its heating coil is separated from the liquid, so as to ensure safety and prolong working life. The product can be applied along with 3 kinds of atomizer cores that possess different resistance values and may exert diverse atomization effects. Since the metal frame is able to match the transparent outer shell in diversified colors well, the CE 9 atomizer looks modern and appealing.
    1. EGO-T Atomizer The EGO-T atomizer belongs to the pinhole type. It can be used along with a no-sponge cartridge, and directly injected with e-juice. The product is able to thoroughly vaporize the injected juice and generate plenty of smoke-like vapor, without risk of heating up dryly.
      There are two types of cartridges, namely the 1.1ml type and the 2.5ml type.
    1. EGO-C AtomizerThe EGO-C atomizer does well in economy and practicability, since you can just replace the atomizer core rather than the entire atomizer when it is broken or used for a long time. It is provided with the peculiar double air circulation system, which is conducive to producing more smoke-like vapor.
      The product can be used in conjunction with a 1.1ml or 2.5ml cartridge.
    1. EGO-W AtomizerThe high-quality EGO-W atomizer is combined with the cartridge.
      It may be applied in conjunction with 350mAh, 650mAh, 900mAh, 1100mAh or other batteries.
      The transparent product can contain as much as 1.8ml e-liquid.
      It looks neat and attractive.
    1. SKC AtomizerThe replaceable atomizer core helps to increase the atomization capability of the SKC atomizer, which features high smoke-like vapor volume and good taste similar to that of a real cigarette. Its puff number reaches up to 5000. The specially designed cyclic system conduces to producing more vapor.
      The accessories of its atomizer core have employed gold-plating technology, so as to improve conductivity.
    1. 510 AtomizerThe 510 atomizer makes use of the classic nickel net core that fully connects to the sponge and e-liquid within the cartridge.
      Standard resistance: 2.2 ohm
      Low resistance: 1.8 ohm
      High resistance: 3.0 ohm
    1. 510-T AtomizerThe 510-T atomizer follows the classic tank design, so as to successfully divert the e-juice within the cartridge.
      Standard resistance: 2.2 ohm
      Low resistance: 1.8 ohm
      High resistance: 3.0 ohm
    1. Volt Atomizer The Volt atomizer sells like hot cakes. As the pinhole type product, it is applied together with a non-sponge cartridge. The directly injected e-liquid will be totally vaporized by it, and turns into a good deal of smoke-like vapor. The unfavorable condition like heating up dryly can be avoided.
    1. Brother AtomizerThe Brother and Brother-T atomizers both employ the imported heating coil that has received alloy-plating treatment, so as to enhance stability and durability.
      The Brother-C atomizer belongs to replaceable atomizer. Equipped with the alloy-plated heating coil, it is able to produce a great deal of smoke-like vapor.

Electronic Cigarette Atomizer

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