CE4 V3 Atomizer

Resistance value: 1.8 ohm-3.2 ohm
Color of PP outer shell: White, black, blue, purple, red, yellow, green
Outer diameter: 14MM
Volume: 2.0ML
Length: 74.5 mm
Size: 14.3*11mm
Weight: 14.8 g
E-liquid volume: 1.6ML

1. The CE4 V3 atomizer is manufactured from food-grade PC, so as to ensure security and no toxicity.
2. Its imported heating coil brings about long service life and huge smoke-like vapor volume. There is no risk of heating up without e-juice. The optional resistance value of the CE4 V3 atomizer ranges from 1.8 ohm to 3.2 ohm.
3. Equipped with the high-precision hardware and replaceable atomizer core, the leakage-proof product comes with attractive appearance, reasonable price and seamless connection.

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