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Riva E-Cigarette


1. Owing to the electricity-saving battery, the Riva e-cigarette performs well in electricity protection and has no risk of discharging accidentally.
2. The built-in chip is provided with the overcharge protection function and able to automatically stop charging if the battery is fully charged.
3. The product may carry out the locking battery function to cut down power consumption.
4. To ensure good conductivity, the accessories of the atomizer core have received gold-plating treatment.
5. With the gold-plating decorative ring, the product looks fashion and elegant.
6. Its soft silica gel button feels great.
7. The optional battery capacity covers 650mAh, 900mAh and 1100mAh.
8. You can start or stop the battery by pressing the button 5 times, and its three button lights may indicate different electric quantities.

RIVA 650 mAh 900 mAh 1100 mAh
Size (length*diameter) 118*14mm 133*14mm 143*14mm
Charging time 1.5-2H 2-2.5H 2.5-3H
Puff number if fully charged 700-900 puffs 1000-1100 puffs 1200-1300 puffs
Package size 144*54*104mm 240*100*40mm
Battery 3.7V lithium battery
Number of charge cycles: 300
Atomizer with imported heating coil Standard: 2.2 ohm
Optional: 1.8-3.0 ohm
Cartridge color White, black
Cartridge volume 150-170 puffs (0.55ml)
Product color Black, white, pink, blue, purple, stainless steel, titanium

Main Parts
1. Atomizer * 2
2. Outer shell * 1
3. Battery * 2
4. Cartridge * 10
5. USB charger * 1
6. Wall adapter * 1
7. Operating instruction * 1

1. Remove the silicone stopper from the bottom of cartridge.
2. Insert the cartridge into the atomizer.
3. Screw the atomizer onto the battery.
4. Manual battery: Press the button for use.
5. Automatic battery: Start to use the Riva e-cigarette.

Product Instructions and Matters Needing Attention

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