1. Brother ECigaretteSince the battery capacity is as large as 1300mah, it enjoys longer service time than common batteries. Its cell is proud of long working life, low attenuation and no leakage, coming from Desay or HGB who are well-known enterprises in China's electronic industry.
      Manufactured from food-grade materials, the cartridge with the large volume of 2.5ML is safe and environment friendly.
      Using the switching power supply, its adapter has passed CE and RHOS certification, and performances well in security and battery protection.
    1. Brother-T ECigarette

      The nichrome heating coil enjoys long useful life and contributes to considerable smoke-like vapor volume.
      Having undergone special treatment, the wick goes soft and can draw e-liquid with ease.
      Different from general batteries, the battery of the Brother-T ecigarette possesses a high capacity of 1300mah and is able to work longer. It employs the leakage-proof cell from Desay or HGB, because of long service life and low attenuation.

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    1. Brother-C ECigaretteThe heating coil adopts the imported nichrome and has strength in long useful life and great smoke-like vapor volume.
      The capacity of our battery reaches up to 1300mah, so its service time is long enough to meet your needs. Purchased from well-known Desay or HGB company, the cell comes with long low attenuation, no leakage and working life.
      The 2.5ML cartridge is easy for e-juice injection without a sponge.
    1. Volt-C Ecigarette

      Since the cartridge is made of food-grade PP materials, it is safe and non-toxic.
      The imported heating coil features long service life and good quality.
      With high power, its A-level lithium ion battery is proud of long cycle life, large volume and perfect safety.

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Unique Patented ECigarette

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