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Volt Ecigarette


1. There is a ring-type cool LED light around the button.

2. The Volt ecigarette is easy to carry and strongly resembles a real cigarette.

3. Its easy operation allows for newcomers.

4. The product can be charged from the bottom, and even allows you to charge during smoking.

1. Manufactured from food-grade PC materials, the cartridge is non-toxic and safe.

2. The heating coil is imported from Europe, so as to guarantee high quality and long working life.

3. The A-level lithium ion battery of the Volt ecigarette features high power, large capacity, great safety and long cycle life.

Atomizer Standard: 2.2 ohm (3-month service life)
Low resistance: 1.6 or 1.8 ohm
High resistance: 3.0 ohm
Cartridge 1.2ml
Blue, white, bicolor
Battery Manual operation
Passthrough style
A ring-type cool LED light around the button
Charging time: 1.5-2 hours
Number of charge cycles: 300
Standard charger Input: 100-240V
Output: 4.2V
Standard of charger UK, EU, US, KC
Material of heating coil Imported raw materials from Europe
Certificate CE, ROSH, FCC certification
Product size (length* diameter) 157mm*11mm
Package size (L*W*H) 17*10*4.5 CM

1. Connect the atomizer to the battery.
2. Slowly insert the cartridge into the atomizer.
3. Press the button for using.

Main Parts
Battery * 2
Atomizer * 2
Cartridge * 5
Protective shell of drip tip * 5
DC cable * 1
Mini wall adapter * 1
Operating instruction in English * 1
Packaging box * 1

Warranty Period
1. Battery: 6 months
2. Atomizer: 3 months

Product Instructions and Matters Needing Attention

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