1. eGo CE4 V3 Electronic Cigarette

      Its atomizer core is replaceable. Since the heating coil within an atomizer is used to vaporize liquid into an aerosol mist, the coil may causes carbon deposition after a period of using, which reduces smoke-like vapor and influences the taste of e-juice.
      It allows smooth airflow without scorched flavor, and avoids the burning smell.
      The scale printed on the shell enables you to know the residual quantity of e-juice.

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    1. eGo CE5 Electronic Cigarette Compared with common atomizers, our atomizer enjoys the e-liquid volume of 1.6ml, which allows about 800 puffs.
      With greater smoke-like vapor volume, the product is similar to a real cigarette.
      Its durable drip tip is manufactured from food grade PP, which helps to improve safety and protect environment.
      Based on the no-tin welding technology, the atomizer core will not leak liquid and can save over half of liquid.

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