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eGo-W Electronic Cigarette

eGo-W Features

1. On the basis of advanced atomizer technology, the eGo-W electronic cigarette integrates the blue clear atomizer with the cartridge, which successfully avoids leaking e-juice.

2. Its microcomputer intelligent chip controls the whole process of smoking. The product can closely simulate the act of tobacco smoking with much smoke-like vapor.

3. In the shape of a pen, the eGo-W electronic cigarette is easy to carry and features attractive appearance and high cleanliness.

eGo-W Specification
Model 650 mAh 900 mAh 1100 mAh
Dimension(length*diameter) 138* 14mm 153* 14mm 163* 14mm
Charging time 1.5-2H 2-2.5H 2.5-3H
Puff number if fully charged 700-900 puffs 1000-1100 puffs 1200-1300 puffs
Package size 144*54*104 240*100*40mm
Battery 3.7V lithium battery
Number of charge cycles: 300
Atomizer with imported heating coil Low resistance: 1.8 ohm
Standard: 2.4 ohm
High resistance: 3.0 ohm
Drip tip Black food-grade plastic drip tip
Product color Black, white, pink, blue, purple, stainless steel, titanium

eGo-W Kit
Atomizer * 2
Battery * 2
10ml e-liquid bottle with a syringe needle * 1
USB charger * 1
Wall adapter * 1
Operating instruction * 1

eGo-W Operation Instruction
1. Connect the transparent atomizer core to the battery.
2. Put the outer shell on the atomizer core.
3. Insert the drip tip into the shell.
4. Push the button and start smoking.

Product Instructions and Matters Needing Attention

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