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eGo CE5 Electronic Cigarette

eGo CE5 Features

1. CE5 Atomizer
A. With a scale, the transparent atomizer of the eGo CE5 electronic cigarette is easy to inject with e-juice, and able to directly display your juice consumption.
B. Compared with common atomizers, our atomizer enjoys the e-liquid volume of 1.6ml, which allows about 800 puffs.
C. With greater smoke-like vapor volume, the product is similar to a real cigarette.
D. Its durable drip tip is manufactured from food grade PP, which helps to improve safety and protect environment.
E. Based on the no-tin welding technology, the atomizer core will not leak liquid and can save over half of liquid.
F. It may generate smooth airflow with no scorched flavor.
G. The eGo CE5 electronic cigarettes in different colors are available to satisfy your needs.
H. The wick is hidden to enhance cleanliness.

2. Heating Coil
Plated with alloy, the imported coil possesses long useful life and increases smoke-like vapor volume.

3. Battery
A. We choose the well-known Desay or HGB cell because of non-leakage, low attenuation and long working life.
B. Its LED lights are able to show electric quantity. To be specific, a blue one may come on if the quantity is 1-10%, sky blue one may come on if 10%-50% and white one may come on if 50%-100%.

4. Wall adapter
A. The adapter of the eGo CE5 electronic cigarette adopts eco-friendly material and has received CE and RHOS certification.
B. A stabilivolt IC has been added to the adapter, so as to stabilize the output voltage and current, and protect the battery.
5. Charger

A. Made of environment-friendly materials, it has also passed CE and RHOS certification.
B. The imported charge management IC guarantees more stable current and voltage during charging. When the battery voltage reaches 4.0V, the charger of the eGo CE5 electronic cigarette will continue to charge with low current, which may prolong battery life and conduce to a full charge.

eGo CE5 Specification
Model 650mAh 900mAh 1100mAh
Dimension(L*W) 135* 14 mm 150* 14 mm 160* 14 mm
Charging time 2 hours 2.5 hours 3 hours
Puff number if fully charged 700-900 puffs 1000-1100 puffs 1200-1300 puffs
Package size Net weight: 650mah 193.70g, 900mah 206.00g, 1100mah 211.70g 180*75*40mm
Battery 3.7-4.2V
Number of charge cycles: 300
Warranty period: Half a year
Warranty of transparent atomizer Low-resistance type (1.8 ohm) : Not including
Standard type ( 2.1 ohm): One month
High-resistance ( 2.4 ohm): One month
Cartridge color Black delrin drip tip (round or flat)
Cartridge volume 1.6-2.0ml (500-600 puffs)
Color Black, white, pink, titanium, stainless steel, red, blue, purple, green

eGo CE5 Kit
1. CE5 atomizer * 2
2. Battery * 2
3. USB charger * 1
4. Mini wall adapter * 1
5. Carrying case * 1

eGo CE5 Instructions
1. Procedures of Injecting E-juice into CE5 Atomizer
A. Pull out the silicone case.
B. Unscrew the drip tip of the eGo CE5 electronic cigarette anticlockwise.
C. Inject the juice into the side wall of atomizer, instead of the middle hole that functions as a vent hole. Otherwise the product may burn out.
D. The injected volume should be less than 1.6ml.
E. Screw the drip tip.
F. Connect the atomizer to the battery.

2. eGo Battery Instructions
The smart battery can be started or stopped by pushing the button 5 times within 3 seconds. You need to hold down the button while smoking. Once you take your finger off the button, there will be no power consumption. Supposing you are not going to smoke it for a long time, please shut down the eGo CE5 electronic cigarette.

3. Charging Instructions
The battery will be fully charged before delivery. After use, the first charging requires over 8 hours, so as to activate the battery thoroughly. Hereafter, the charging time had better be 3 hours. It can be connected to the power source directly, or your computer by a 420mah USB charger. The light of USB charger may show red during charging, or green if fully charged.

Product Instructions and Matters Needing Attention

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