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eGo CE4 V3 Electronic Cigarette

eGo CE4 V3Features
1. CE4 V3 Advantages

A. The atomizer of the eGo CE4 V3 electronic cigarette is easy to inject e-juice. Its can contain 1.6ml juice one time.
B. The heavy smoke-like vapor volume gives you a more similar feeling of tobacco smoking.
C. Its liquid-gas separation structure prevents e-liquid from being sucked into your mouth.
D. The powerful tightness avoids leakage.
E. The eGo CE4 V3 electronic cigarette is firm and durable.
F. Its atomizer core is replaceable. Since the heating coil within an atomizer is used to vaporize liquid into an aerosol mist, the coil may causes carbon deposition after a period of using, which reduces smoke-like vapor and influences the taste of e-juice.
G. It allows smooth airflow without scorched flavor, and avoids the burning smell.
H. The scale printed on the shell enables you to know the residual quantity of e-juice.
Suggestion: The atomizer belongs to consumables and is not covered by the warranty. You had better purchase more spare atomizer cores of the eGo CE4 V3 electronic cigarette.

2. Heating Coil and Wick
A. With longer working life, the nichrome heating coil contributes to vaster smoke-like vapor volume.
B. Owing to special treatment, the wick does well in softness, e-juice drawing ability as well as smoke-like vapor volume.

3. Battery
A. The eGo CE4 V3 electronic cigarette adopts the cell from well-known Desay or HGB, due to no leakage, low attenuation and long service life.
B. Owing to the intelligent control, its blue LED light will be on if the electric quantity is 1-10%, sky blue one will be on if 10%-50%, and white one will be on if 50%-100%.

4. Adapter
It makes use of the switching power supply. Having passed CE and RHOS certification in safety and environmental protection, it can successfully protect the battery.

eGo CE4 V3 Specification
Model 650mAh 900mAh 1100mAh
Dimension(L*W) 138 * 14mm 153 * 14mm 163 * 14mm
Charging time 1.5-2H 2-2.5H 2.5-3H
Puff number if fully charged 700-900 puffs 1000-1100 puffs 1200-1300 puffs
Package size Net weight: 650mah 201.30g, 900mah 213.70g, 1100mah 219.80g 180*75*40mm
Battery 3.7V lithium battery
Number of charge cycles: 300
Atomizer Dismountable transparent atomizer
Cartridge color Black delrin drip tip
Cartridge volume 1.6-2.0 ml
Outer shell color Black, white, pink, titanium, stainless steel, red, blue, purple, green

eGo CE4 V3 Kit
1. CE4 V3 Atomizer * 2
2. Battery * 2
3. 420mah USB charger * 1
4. Wall adapter * 1
5. Carrying case * 1

eGo CE4 V3 Instructions
1. Procedures of Injecting E-liquid into CE4 V3 Atomizer
A. Unscrew the black drip tip.
B. Tilt the atomizer at a 45 degree and inject e-liquid into the outer ring of the middle metal cylinder, instead of the hole in the middle.
C. The liquid must be injected lower than the scale.
D. Screw the drip tip of the eGo CE4 V3 electronic cigarette.

2. eGo Battery Instructions
To start up or shut down the battery that is under intelligent control, please quickly push the button 5 times within 3 seconds. You should press on the button when you are smoking. If you release the button, the product will not consume power. In case you do not intend to use it for a long time, remember to shut down the eGo CE4 V3 electronic cigarette.

3. Charging Instructions
The delivered battery has been fully charged. It would be best to charge the battery after use in more than 8 hours for the first time, so as to fully activate the battery. Afterwards, the charging time might decline to 3 hours. You can connect the product to the power supply directly, or a USB port of your computer by the 420mah USB charger. The light of USB charger will show red to indicate charging, or green to indicate being fully charged.

Product Instructions and Matters Needing Attention

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